February 13, 2014

Stable girl compensated for loss of ten teeth

Jennie was employed by a racehorse trainer, Jeremy Noseda in Newmarket. While letting her two year old filly have a pick at grass the horse became excited or agitated. Our client could not recall precisely what happened and in fact the next thing Jennie recalls was the realisation that she had been kicked in the face. Unfortunately Jennie lost ten teeth and two others were badly fractured.

Despite the lack of clarity about what precisely happened, it was apparent to the RWK Goodman equine injury team that the accident fell within the scope of the Animals Act 1971. A claim was made without the need to show that anyone was negligent or to blame in any way.
After the claim was made and following an initial denial of liability, the insurers eventually admitted responsibility and agreed to a compensation.

The extensive damage required complicated implants and other dental prosthetics which were extraordinarily expensive. The compensation received will make sure Jennie can afford future repairs and replacement costs.

After the conclusion of the case Jennie commented, "Richard Brooks and RWK Goodman are fantastic. They are kind, friendly and extremely passionate about the service they give to you. They seem to make the stressful situation easy to deal with. Ten out of ten."

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