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Opinion  |  17:08:23

  Riding horses can be one the most exciting things we ever do. It can also be one of the most dangerous. Anyone who knows horses will understand that a horse can spook, kick,…

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Opinion  |  24:04:20

Whilst the housing market is in lockdown, there may be opportunity to get your house in order to speed up selling your home when the restrictions lift.

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Opinion  |  18:11:19

There is no denying that in recent times the headlines relating to the London property market have been less than positive.

Headline after headline describe the capital’s property market as ‘fragile’ and ‘stagnant’ – and yet it’s housing market is often considered the envy of every other major city in the UK (and the world). So what exactly is going on with the London property market?

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Opinion  |  12:02:19

Richard Brooks, partner in our Personal Injury team, helps you to understand the likelihood of a cow attack, how you might be able to avoid one, and what you can do if you are unfortunate enough to have been victim to one.

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Opinion  |  19:10:18

Exchanging contracts on a house sale can be a highly exciting, but also a stressful time. But what will happen if for whatever reason you fail to exchange? In this blog which originally appeared in The Financial Times, Zainab, our head of the London residential property team explains what this could mean for the house sale?

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post  |  01:08:18

Blockchain has been hailed the second generation of the internet and is better known for being the technology behind cryptocurrencies. The use of blockchain however, goes beyond cryptocurrencies and can be applied to a number of industries. A recent example being, Microsoft and Ernest & Young’s joint project which looks to find a more efficient way of managing royalty payments in the gaming industry. Blockchain is likely to transform a number of industries and property is no exception.

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