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Opinion  |  30:01:18

The UK has no universal antenatal screening programme to check whether a pregnant woman is carrying Group B Streptococcus (GBS) infection. Instead, assessment of likely GBS carriage is risk-based only. The charity Group B Strep Support campaigns for the introduction of universal screening to try to reduce the incidence of neonatal infection with GBS, which can have severe consequences for the new born. New research supports this campaign.

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Opinion  |  04:10:19

In the lead up to World CP day on 6 October 2019 we have taken some time to focus on the ‘Making a Contribution’ element of the ‘We Are Here’ campaign and to consider how we, as clinical negligence lawyers, can gain a better understanding of how parents of children with Cerebral Palsy feel about the litigation process. We want to ensure that we are aware of all the things that we can do to make the litigation process less stressful and to offer all the support that we can.

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