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Opinion  |  26:05:16

In Tanveer v East London Bus and Coach Company Limited, the EAT has held that the “corresponding date” rule set down by the House of Lords (as it then was) in Dodds v Walker applies when calculating the extension of time given to a prospective Claimant under the early conciliation rules. On the facts of the case, where the Claimant received the certificate on the 30th June the extension of time under Section 207B (4) of the Employment Rights Act meant that the claim had to be presented by the 30th July. The chronology was as follows:-

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Opinion  |  14:08:18

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018 have now been in force for over 2 months. Since the 25th May 2018, our employment and privacy teams have seen a large increase in the number of clients who are receiving subject access requests from both staff and customers.

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Opinion  |  21:09:15

Many employers now have a policy which makes it clear that drinking alcohol at work, or being under the influence at work is an act of gross misconduct. The test for a ‘fair’ dismissal is that, following a fair investigation, the employer reasonably believes that misconduct has occurred, and dismissal is a reasonable sanction.

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Opinion  |  30:08:13

Employers tend to assume that discretionary payments are, well, discretionary. What some employers do not realise is that it may be possible for discretionary payments to become implied into an employee’s contract by way…

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