April 4, 2011

‘Olympic Volunteering’

HRH Duke of Edinburgh is shown on Christopher Hall's boat Casamajor at the 150th Anniversary celebrations of London Rowing Club on the Thames in June 2006.

Whilst it is easy to denigrate such a huge amount of investment for a four week sporting event but we can see from the huge anticipation already building up for the one day event at the end of April, how commercially important these games will be for Great Britain. The early completion of the Olympic Stadium has highlighted one of Britain’s main strengths, which is recognised world wide, that we cannot be beaten for organisation and attention to detail.

What is also clear is that in the build up to the games this year, and during the main event the focus of the world will be on London and Great Britain, and more importantly all competing countries will bring large delegations of senior politicians and businessmen who will be looking for opportunities of investment in the United Kingdom.

As part of this process I have also volunteered for the test event at the rowing lake which is the Junior World Championships, which dovetails well with my main hobby of coaching young rowers. I am also involved in the Regatta for the Disabled on 3 September 2011, which allows disabled people to experience rowing for themselves.

Royds LLP, have since its bid stage been an active supporter of the Olympics and Paralympics coming to London. We welcome all queries from investors, participants and spectators for the London 2012 Games.

For further information please contact Christopher Hall or James Millar Craig, or telephone 020 7583 2222.

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