February 12, 2015

Life changing new fingers – amputation compensation

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Amputees often sustain their injuries in either a road traffic accident or an accident at work. Often machinery is inadequately set up or guards or push sticks are missing which results in fingers being amputated by dangerous machinery such as circular saws.

As a result of on-going scientific developments, human anatomy can now be impressively restored by artificial means.

A real life case

Sid (not his real name) lost the tip of his middle and index fingers while using a circular saw at work. Once the initial intense pain improved Sid became very self-conscious about the appearance of his hand, especially in social situations such as holding a drink, shaking hands or travelling on public transport.

During the course of the compensation claim Louise Hart from our Personal Injury team arranged for new fingers to be made for Sid.

Sid described his new fingers (see picture above) as 'life-changing'. They enabled him to regain his confidence and went some way to putting him back in the position he was in prior to his accident.

If you’ve lost fingers due to an accident you should take the following steps:

1. Ensure an entry is made in an accident book.
2. When you seek medical attention explain precisely how your injury happened.
3. If possible, get photographs of the piece of equipment that caused your injuries.
4. Obtain details of witnesses who either saw your accident happen or who can comment upon the workplace procedures at the time of your accident.
5. Instruct a specialist solicitor who regularly deals with amputees and can arrange appropriate rehabilitation for you.

Generally a statutory time limit of three years from time of accident to making your claim will apply. However, you should contact a specialist solicitor as soon as you can to enable evidence to be gathered before memories fade. Your solicitor should be pushing for an early admission of liability and an early interim payment to fund the cost of rehabilitation.

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