January 13, 2023

Family Mediation Week – 16th to 20th January 2023

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Family Mediation Week, hosted by the Family Mediation Council, will take place from 16th to 20th January this year.

The aim of the week is to raise awareness of Family Mediation and the benefits it may bring to separating couples and their families. Separating couples are encouraged to consider using Family Mediation as a way of taking control, making decisions together and building a positive future for their family.

Over the course of the week the Family Mediation Council will run events and publish resources for both professional and members of the public. Events open to the public may be accessed here: Family Mediation Week Events for the Public - Family Mediation Council

What is Family Mediation?

Family mediation is a process to help couples who are separating/divorcing reach agreement on any issues which are important to them. It is used mainly to resolve issues regarding the arrangements for the children, and property and financial matters, but it can be used to discuss other issues, such as the arrangements for separation; who will issue the divorce proceedings; whether it will be a sole or joint application and many other matters.

It is an alternative to the traditional legal process where there is typically correspondence between solicitors and, if an agreement cannot be reached, one party makes an application to the Court.

The couple are provided with a safe, unpressured environment in which they can discuss the way forward in a calm, structured and dignified way. The interests of any children are placed at the heart of all discussions.

What is the Mediator’s Role?

The mediator’s role is to help the couple to communicate with each other and reach their own decisions for the future. The mediator aims to help both partners equally. The mediator is impartial and does not make judgements or express opinions about who is right or wrong.

The mediator does not direct the couple down a path that the mediator feels is right, but lets the couple choose their own solutions.

The mediator will let the couple know whether what they are proposing is likely to be approved by a judge.

Mediation sessions may take place in person in our offices or remotely using Video Conferencing Platforms. Our mediators are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Family Mediation.

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