February 24, 2012

Dealing with redundancy

Seeking sound legal advice to ensure a right-first-time approach can make a significant difference to how the redundancy process is managed, helping to ensure the business retains its most experienced and skilled workforce for its future success and avoids potentially costly repercussions in Tribunal claims.

When one of our clients discussed their reduced workload with us, after exploring other money saving options it became clear that they did not have enough work for all of their employees and a reorganisation of the entire company structure was needed.

Richard White assisted with the design a set of selection criteria that would adequately differentiate between people who were all likely to score highly. At the forefront of this design process was the need to retain the best skills, experience and potential for the business’ future success along with maintaining a balanced workforce.

With our help, the client was able to produce a selection matrix that was as objective as possible taking into account subjective factors that were key to the business and only where they could be supported by reliable evidence. We continued to provide advice and support throughout the consultation and selection procedure including drafting the necessary correspondence to document the process.

Richard comments, “With a small and loyal workforce, selecting anybody for redundancy was going to be difficult for everyone. The managers were very keen to carry out a fair and efficient redundancy process. What initially seemed at the outset to be an impossible task resulted in the most practical and pragmatic outcome achievable.”

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