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Opinion  |  07:04:22

On 17 March 2022 news broke that P&O Ferries (“P&O”) had made almost 800 of its maritime staff redundant. Although P&O have quashed rumours of ‘taser-trained security guards with handcuffs forcibly removing workers’, it…

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Opinion  |  06:12:21

Wherever your organisation falls in the hybrid / flexible / home working spectrum, it is a truth universally acknowledged by HR professionals that changing working patterns is an issue we all will have to…

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post  |  05:08:19

Employment status and IR35 has hit headlines again. The Government has confirmed that the IR35 tax regulations will be extended in April 2020. Changes to IR35 were made in the public sector in April 2017, and similar changes are now due to be introduced for medium and large businesses in the private sector.

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post  |  12:03:18

You may think you know the position on termination payments and tax; up until recently it has been relatively simple to calculate. However, the Government has recently embarked on a series of reforms which bring about significant changes to the tax and NICs treatment of termination payments. Ironically, the Government’s aim was to simplify the legislation; however, the new rules remain complex.

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post  |  26:07:17

A ground-breaking decision from the UK’s top court has been announced today which is forecasted to be the most significant judgment in UK employment law in the last fifty years. The ruling means that the tribunal fees introduced in 2013 are now illegal and importantly, those who have already paid the fees over the last four years, will have to be reimbursed. What are the consequences for employers and individuals? For starters, the Government have estimated at least £27m will have to be repaid to thousands of claimants.

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post  |  08:06:16

With the European Football Tournament starting tomorrow (10 June 2016), and some matches due to take place during normal working hours, employers are anticipating some disruption to the workplace over the coming weeks. Lauren Harkin shares some tips for managing employee absence and keeping up productivity.

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