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Opinion  |  18:10:23
HSIB Maternity Investigations have been replaced by the Maternity and Newborn Safety Investigations (MNSI) programme
A new statutory body, The Maternity and Newborn Safety Investigations (MNSI) programme is formed from 1 October 2023, to undertake investigations into brain injuries in babies and maternal and neonatal deaths and stillbirths. This programme is hosted by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), having replaced the temporary role of the HSSIB (Health Services Safety Investigations Body).
Mental health & Erbs feat image
Opinion  |  19:04:23
Erb’s Palsy Webinar – Mental Health & Erb’s Palsy
Introduction Welcome to the RWK Goodman Erb’s Palsy Mental Health Webinar, in association with The Erb’s Palsy Group. We hope this webinar helps to further open up the conversation about the mental health effects...
Report  |  11:04:23
Investment in maternity care would change lives and save NHS millions
Every year, around 1,800 UK children are diagnosed with cerebral palsy. It’s estimated that at least 1 in every 12 of those diagnoses occurs because of negligence in maternity care settings, with lives permanently...
Opinion  |  05:01:23
How might delays to treatment affect Erb’s palsy?
Joachim Stanley takes a look at the current state of care in the NHS and explains how delays to care for those with Erb's palsy could affect their prognosis.
Opinion  |  02:02:22
Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) maternity investigations will now be conducted by a new Special Health Authority (SHA) – what does this mean for patient safety?
Kerstin Scheel explains the latest change in maternity healthcare, with The HSIB's maternity investigations being conducted by a new Special Health Authority (SHA), and what it means for patient safety.
Opinion  |  11:01:22
“Severe brain injury, early neonatal death and intrapartum stillbirth associated with larger babies and shoulder dystocia.” A review of the report from the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB).
The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch is an independent body who investigate circumstances where there has been an adverse event during childbirth and/or pregnancy. HSIB release reports routinely, known as Maternity National Learning reports. These reports make recommendations to improve patient safety.
Opinion  |  02:11:21
HSIB Report: “Summary of themes arising from the HSIB Maternity Programme” – A review
The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch has released a series of reports into the risks and resulting issues that face maternity units, pregnant women and new born babies when in NHS care.
Opinion  |  20:10:21
How assistive technology can help someone living with Erb’s palsy
Joachim Stanley explains a few of the options available to those who live with Erb's palsy, who need assistance with daily living.
Opinion  |  18:10:21
Coping with Erb’s palsy – a client’s experience
It is one of the privileges of my job to represent truly inspirational people. It’s incredibly heartening to see clients doing well, in the face of what are sometimes very difficult circumstances. R (he’s too modest to be named) is one of these people.
Case Study  |  23:04:21
Successful cerebral palsy claim against London hospital: St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
A young boy has been awarded substantial multi-million pound damages following the negligent care afforded to his mother during her pregnancy.
Opinion  |  01:04:21
What you need to know about HIE, before HIE Awareness Day
Ahead of Peeps HIE's HIE Awareness Day, Abigail Ringer explains what you need to know about the injury and how it can be avoided.
Opinion  |  04:02:21
Brain injury and shoulder dystocia: a fresh approach from the HSIB?
Joachim Stanley, a specialist in Erb's palsy claims, reviews the latest report and guidance from HSIB into shoulder dystocia and brain injury.
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