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Case Study  |  23:04:21
Successful cerebral palsy claim against London hospital: St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
A young boy has been awarded substantial multi-million pound damages following the negligent care afforded to his mother during her pregnancy.
Opinion  |  01:04:21
What you need to know about HIE, before HIE Awareness Day
Ahead of Peeps HIE's HIE Awareness Day, Abigail Ringer explains what you need to know about the injury and how it can be avoided.
Opinion  |  04:02:21
Brain injury and shoulder dystocia: a fresh approach from the HSIB?
Joachim Stanley, a specialist in Erb's palsy claims, reviews the latest report and guidance from HSIB into shoulder dystocia and brain injury.
Opinion  |  07:01:21
Is Erb’s palsy ever just a result of the forces of labour?
Paul Rumley, who specialises in Erb's palsy claims, explains whether defences using the maternal propulsive theory are likely to rule out Erb's palsy being as a result of negligence.
Opinion  |  11:09:20
The hidden part of the birth trauma journey – the psychological impact
Not all birth trauma has a visible, physical impact upon new mothers. Sometimes, events and their aftermath can lead to significant psychological harm which isn’t visible but is no less damaging, and this is especially true when a birth injury occurs. Here we relate the story of one of our clients, whose daughter developed Erb’s palsy after negligent maternity care.
Opinion  |  09:03:20
How obstetrics and orthopaedics can work together to help children with Erb’s palsy
Our specialist Erb's palsy team talks through how medical experts working with the condition can help when making a claim for compensation and after.
Baby's hand shown being held by a parent
Uncategorised  |  06:03:20
What new and existing treatment could be available for a child with Erb’s palsy?
For so long, questions have been asked about what the options are for children with Erb’s palsy and if ‘one size fits all’. Each case is different. Each person is different. Each case has different circumstances. This needs to be taken into account before any treatment is considered.
Uncategorised  |  31:01:20
Total repair of brachial plexus injuries? An exciting new development
Joachim Stanley takes a look at a new development in treatment of brachial plexus injury which could changes the lives of those living with Erb's palsy.
Uncategorised  |  22:10:19
Positive treatment: the benefits of core stability and strengthening in Erb’s palsy
Erb’s palsy injuries cause weakness or paralysis of the affected arm, resulting in varying degrees of impairment.  However, there are ways in which this can be treated through therapeutic exercises.
Baby's hand shown being held by a parent
Opinion  |  21:10:19
The effects of Erb’s palsy: part compensation, part inspiration
In honour of Erb's Palsy Awareness Week, Lucy Norton from our specialist compensation team talks here about the two aspects of her job as an Erb's palsy solicitor - part compensation, part inspiration.
Baby's hand shown being held by a parent
Uncategorised  |  10:06:19
What are the benefits of our Erb’s palsy legal clinic?
Our specialist medical negligence team help you to understand the benefit of our Erb's palsy online legal clinics.
Uncategorised  |  30:01:19
The EQUALS study into Erb’s palsy – investing in better care at birth could cost us less
Two charities, the PROMPT Maternity Foundation and Erb’s Palsy Group UK have worked in partnership to produce a video which presents the primary results of the “EQUALS Study”, looking at how investing in evidence-based training gives positive outcomes for both patients and the NHS. Here, Joachim Stanley from our birth injury team takes a look at how well it reflects what we understand about our clients’ experience of Erb’s palsy.
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