March 16, 2016

Woman awarded lion’s share of couple’s fortune

Jane Morris had left her job in recruitment consultancy to run the family home and raise the couple’s three children.

The family court which  heard the case  concluded that her sacrifice had reduced her earning capacity and decided that Ms Morris was entitled to the vast majority of the assets.

She received a settlement of around half a million pounds, while her husband Peter, who manages a software company, received just £66,000.

Judge Glen Brasse said: “It is self-evident that not all the needs of the parties could possibly be met in full, or even substantially, from the available resources so the parties’ expectations have to be scaled down.

“Some of their needs will have to be prioritised over others. The priority must be given in my judgment to the housing of the wife and children.”

The fact that Ms Morris was “in her middle fifties with rusty skills” and that her husband had a bigger pension pot were among the factors which influenced the court’s decision.

Mr Morris has indicated he intends to challenge the decision in the Court of Appeal.

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