June 28, 2012

Withy King to sponsor a category at Bath Business Awards

Withy King is sponsoring the Customer Service Award category at this year’s Bath Business Awards.

The firm has recently launched its new brand following 18 months of research into what clients want from their lawyers. Graham Street, Managing Partner, Withy King, explains why this perfectly complements the company’s decision to sponsor the Customer Service category at this year’s awards.

“Withy King’s new brand identity - Always about you - puts clients at the heart of our practice and re-emphasises the firm’s focus on building long-term relationships with individuals, families and businesses,” said Graham. “This rightly matches the achievements that the nominations from Bath’s business community for the Customer Service Award will have displayed.

“A dedicated commitment to customer service should be at the centre of every organisation’s vision and values if it wants to be truly successful. This is exactly what Withy King’s new brand is all about - putting the client at the centre of what we do. It is only through taking this approach that we can really get to grips with the issues our clients face and provide solutions that match their needs and expectations.

“We devoted a great amount of time and research to find out first hand from our clients what they want and expect from us before settling on the new brand. We recognise that the success of the brand will take time and that it will be based on us delivering on our promises, but this is a journey Withy King is completely committed to.”

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