April 3, 2014

Top tips for staying safe on the slopes

1. Wear a helmet
It’s important to think about hiring or buying a helmet when you go skilling or snowboarding. A 2011 British Medical Journal study from the University of Innsbruck suggested use of a helmet reduced head injuries by 59% in children under 13 and by 35% in adults.

2. Don’t go off piste unless you’re ready and prepared
Over the years there have been many high profile skiing accidents which have highlighted skiing safety issues, the most recent of these being Michael Schumacher in who sustained serious head injuries while skiing off piste.

3. Pay attention to the signs
Make sure that you follow the signs and familiarise yourself with the rules of the slopes before you start skiing otherwise you could end up out of your depth or causing an accident.

4. Get fit before you go
Skiing is a physically demanding sport. Before you go away plan an exercise regime to get you in the best possible shape and protect yourself from injury.

5. Have lessons
Even if you’re an experienced skier you should think about having lessons as part of your holiday. That way you will learn good habits from qualified instructors and make sure that you remember the rules for skiing safety.

6. See a doctor
If you have an accident make sure you get yourself checked out by a doctor. We all remember the tragic death of actress Natasha Richardson who sustained a fatal brain injury while skiing in Quebec in 2009. The actress declined immediate medical treatment as she was unaware of the extent of her injuries.

Skiing and snowboarding holidays can be lots of fun and the majority of people return from their holidays uninjured. But it’s important to plan ahead for your trip and make sure that you stay safe on the slopes.

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