April 15, 2016

Think tank suggests IHT review may be overdue

Paul Johnson, who heads up the Institute for Fiscal Studies, one of the UK’s most influential think tanks, said that the levy remained “incredibly unpopular” with a sizeable portion of the public and said there was a compelling argument for change.

“I certainly think that there’s a case for reviewing how the whole thing works,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

“I’m not aware of…a government-sponsored review since the old capital transfer tax was turned into Inheritance Tax some time in the early 1980s.There have been some changes, but there hasn’t been any substantive reform to it for thirty years.”

The MP David Davies, a one-time candidate for the Conservative leadership, said: “I’ve always thought that this is a flawed tax and a review of it is certainly worthwhile.”

Discussions about a possible complete overhaul of IHT rules have been fuelled by recent suggestions that plans to change the current thresholds may not benefit as many families as originally hoped.

Further debate was triggered following the publication, earlier this week, of the Prime Minister’s income and tax payments, which suggest that David Cameron may stand to benefit from a £200,000 gift from his mother – which could allow him to legally reduce his IHT liabilities.

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