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As the Government and the Office of Tax Simplification look at the very real possibility of bringing Capital Gains Tax (‘CGT’) rates into line with income tax rates it seems like a good moment to review the position on some investments which may be able to be realised free of CGT.  One would hope that the exemptions themselves would continue to apply even if the CGT rate increases.

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Online banking and asset management creates probate headaches for lawyers and grieving families as they struggle to find bank and investment account details linked to an individual’s estate due to a lack of a paper trail.

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Partner and head of our Private Client team James McNeile examines two important notices issued this month: the first one signalling potential changes to taxation of chargeable gains, and the second concerning the final regulations regarding the UK Trust Register.

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As Coronavirus cases increase so does, understandably, the demand for will services. But, as self-isolation and social distancing requirements are raised, how is the way in which wills can be witnessed and processed likely to change? Should we be looking to the government to bring in new legislation to mirror the process of wills for those in the armed forces or merchant seamen at sea?

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Controversial plans to increase probate fees have been scrapped by Justice Secretary Robert Buckland. The changes that were originally introduced by Theresa May would have increased administrative fees from £215 to £6,000 for the largest estates, raising an extra £185million a year for the government.

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A significant change to the taxation of non-UK residents came into effect on 6 April 2019 which means gains on all UK property* (commercial as well as residential) are subject to UK tax. Gains on disposals by individuals and companies will be within the scope of UK tax. The changes are wide reaching as the rules can apply to direct disposals but also to disposals of shares in property rich companies.

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With the uncertainty around Brexit and talk of a potential general election, some are considering their options as to whether to remain in the UK or leave. We look at the some legal and tax issues that people may want to consider to make sure their affairs are in order in the UK before leaving.

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HMRC has raised a glass to owners of the UK’s growing number of vineyards, confirming that vineyards do qualify for agricultural property relief (APR) and are therefore potentially free from inheritance tax. HMRC updated…

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