October 8, 2015

The public prefer solicitors to write their will

The news comes following a number of cases of disputes arising as a result of people using DIY will-writing kits. Will Aid warned that these “homemade” documents were far more likely to be contested than those which had been drafted by a qualified solicitor.

Peter de Vena Franks, Will Aid’s director, said: “It is evident both from research and from the popularity of Will Aid that the public prefer to use a solicitor to write their will, wherever possible.

“They are aware that with a solicitor you can be assured of a valid will and if anything does go wrong there is proper insurance and redress. This may not be the case with an unregulated provider and certainly isn’t the case if you write your own will.”

The importance of having a legally sound document was further emphasised earlier this week, when the Ministry of Justice confirmed there had been a steep increase in the number of wills being contested in court.

It is thought that a growth in divorces and remarriages, and the consequent increase in complicated family arrangements, was partly to explain for the rise.

For advice on making a will, please contact Tony Millson and Deanna Hurst in the Royds private client team.

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