March 4, 2011

‘The future is bright – Employment quiz report’

Someone in the organising committee was one step ahead of the game as the event was held in a basement wine bar. Blackberries were therefore as much use as a wrist watch. However, once the wine got flowing the inner genius emerged – or possibly the writer was simply imagining things?

Thankfully, there was only one law related question so the attending barristers and solicitors avoided any undue embarrassment and not too many points were lost due to dodgy spelling – clearly some of us have developed a shocking reliance on spell check.

The ‘connections’ round was a clever twist on the usual series of questions as the last answer to the question in the round related to the answers of all previous questions. Teams could either be confident of their answers above or were thrown spectacularly off track.

So, thanks go out to all those who made Tuesday the great night that it was. From a Royds perspective it was excellent to see all those in person who all too often we deal with via internet and telephone.

We hope to see you all again at the next event but until then we leave with a thought… The winning team consisted of a disproportionate number of Royds trainees. Therefore, either the closely guarded questions were revealed prematurely to some or, as we forcefully contend, the future of the firm is in very good hands!

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