September 30, 2011

Support for USPG’s African and Asian community health programme

This exciting and innovative development was outlined by USPG Director of Health, Dr David Evans to a large meeting of invited guests (including the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams) in the historic surroundings of Lambeth Palace.

As the article says, the concern is that many hospitals and clinics in Africa and Asia are over-stretched, facing declining foreign donations, and lacking medicines and facilities. USPG's new health programme, Hands on Health, will see local churches bringing together village communities and health facilities. As a result, local communities and hospitals will be able to work together to address concerns, share ideas and work on solutions.

The result will be hospitals with a sharper focus, communities that have more say in their health needs, and improved health due to a greater emphasis on prevention.

McDonald Kapatuka, Senior Environmental Health Officer at the USPG-supported St Anne's Hospital, Malawi, said: 'The hospitals need to go out into the community, sit down with them, learn from them, and work with them to find solutions.

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