January 27, 2016

Royal Mail worker’s claim settled for in excess of £300,000

Mr S had previously retired to Spain where he had hoped to enjoy a long and happy retirement with his wife. Sadly, his illness intervened, and he became very unwell.

Our solicitors were instructed to represent him and visited him, obtaining a deathbed statement from him in December 2014. Mr S died in the early hours of the following morning. Mr S had worked in the main sorting office of Royal Mail in Sheffield for many years. He described asbestos removal work being carried out without any protection for the employees. The Royal Mail’s own documentation confirmed that there were tens if not hundreds of thousands of square feet of asbestos board within the sorting office premises, and various surveys showed that the board had been removed, disturbed or worked upon on numerous previous occasions over the years. Despite this, Royal Mail did not admit liability, and court proceedings were commenced to force them to deal.

Judgment was entered in autumn 2015, and the claim concluded in January 2016, just six weeks before the date it had been listed for an assessment of damages hearing. After the settlement the client’s widow said, "The sum of money is far greater than we expected and has come as a bit of a shock to us and will change our whole family’s life. It was never about the money for us, but about getting Royal Mail to recognise their responsibilities in the hope that they take better care of their current employees. Thank you for your support and understanding during what has been a very difficult time for us all."

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