May 16, 2016

Regulator’s report identifies breaches of industry rules

The Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) had launched a lengthy probe after allegations surfaced last year that a now defunct agency, GoGen, had “exploited loopholes” in the Telephone Preference Service.

Following 10 months of enquiries, the watchdog agreed that the charities had failed to adequately monitor the activities of the agency that was working on their behalf.

GoGen had ceased trading shortly after the original newspaper coverage, citing a lack of business arising from “misleading” reports.

Andrew Hind, the chair of the FRSB, said in a statement: “While this investigation outlines a number of failings at the agency, ultimate responsibility always rests with charities for the conduct of any third-party agencies representing them.

“We welcome the significant actions that each charity has since undertaken to ensure closer working with any agencies they work with in the future, including better monitoring and supervision procedures.”

Last August, the Institute of Fundraising announced it was introducing a stricter set of rules relating to fundraising from people who had previously signed up to the Telephone Preference Service – the register of phone owners who do not wish to receive sales calls.

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