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Opinion  |  28:04:20
Could a reduction in Stamp Duty Land Tax help kick-start the property market?
The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is urging the Government to introduce an emergency stamp duty holiday to help revitalise the post-pandemic housing market. This is a measure that we would certainly support.
Opinion  |  28:04:20
Your coronavirus house buying questions answered
The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted many, if not all, areas of our personal and business lives. But one area that has ground to a halt is the housing market. So if you were in the process of buying a house, or were looking whilst the lockdown took effect, we have put together a few FAQs for house buying during coronavirus.
Opinion  |  28:04:20
Coronavirus Act 2020: good news for private sector tenants but perhaps less so for landlords
The Coronavirus Act 2020 came into force on 26 March 2020 in England and Wales and will be in place until 30 September 2020. The legislation covering assured shorthold tenancies, regulated tenancies and fully assured tenancies has made changes to the notice period for Section 21 notices and Section 8 notices.
Opinion  |  27:04:20
10 ways new build homes can kick start the post-coronavirus property market
How can the new build residential property market lead the way in the whole market getting back on track? Here we look at ten reasons that makes accelerating new build construction, the right choice in this unprecedented time.
House in order
Opinion  |  24:04:20
Get your house in order
Whilst the housing market is in lockdown, there may be opportunity to get your house in order to speed up selling your home when the restrictions lift.
Opinion  |  03:04:20
Residential tenants – Is rent still payable during the COVID-19 pandemic?
While the government is supporting tenants by preventing them from being forced out of their homes during the pandemic there is no exemption from paying rent. Tenants are reminded that they do not have a right to pay a reduced rent or no rent. They remain under a legal obligation to pay rent in full.
Opinion  |  24:03:20
The Coronavirus Bill and how it affects the safety of social and private tenants
Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has taken drastic action to protect citizens. One promise it has given is that social and private tenants will not be evicted during these times of hardship. However, the temporary emergency legislation, the Coronavirus Bill (“the Bill”) actually says something a bit different.
Opinion  |  18:03:20
Viewing a house during coronavirus: you can look but you must not touch…
With the property market now in the spotlight our Residential Property team have a few thoughts on how to keep the transaction secure and limit the financial risks. Keeping yourself virus free is one thing, but if you are not careful your sale and purchase could become a costly victim of the virus too.
property fraud
Opinion  |  11:03:20
Will super sub Sunak stamp down on property tax rates?
After only 27 days in the role, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak is ready to reveal his first ever budget, the UK’s first in over 18 months and first as a Non-EU member state in over 40 years. Although no one can be certain what will be inside the famous red box, from the Prime Minister and Chancellor’s comments within the last few months, it is likely we will see Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) take the stage in some way.
Opinion  |  25:02:20
What’s best for landowners? A promotion or option agreement – it’s just like apples and pears
A question frequently asked by landowners is what is the difference between an option agreement and a promotion agreement? And which should they enter into?
right of way over development land
Opinion  |  07:02:20
How to prevent private and public rights over potential development land
For landowners who own land with development potential, preventing the creation of public and private rights of way over land by long user is always an issue. Such rights can devalue the development potential, or even make development unrealistic when small sites are concerned.
Opinion  |  05:02:20
Why should you avoid quick-sale estate agents?
The creation of online search portals for buying homes was a game changer for people looking to buy a house but it also changed the landscape for estate agents. But has this change marked an improvement in how we buy and sell houses? 
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