April 3, 2023

Over £100,000 for GP mis-prescription resulting in a stroke

Mr Y had been taking medication for atrial fibrillation when he suffered a stroke. It was later discovered that his medication had been prescribed at a sub-therapeutic dose.

Mr Y was a very active pensioner who lived independently, walked regularly, and liked to ride his bike. He didn’t let a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation (AF) and the early signs of dementia hold him back and he had every reason to believe that his medication was protecting him. However, one day when out walking he fell suddenly and was taken to hospital with signs of weakness on his left side.

A CT scan revealed that Mr Y had suffered a stroke to the right side of his brain due to a tiny blood clot. Given that he was a known sufferer of AF, the examining consultants believed that this clot was related to that condition and on further examination, they discovered that the dose of anticoagulant prescribed by his GP had been insufficient for nearly two years.

How Mr Y’s life changed

Mr Y underwent rehabilitation at a specialised unit but has never regained his physical strength. Since his discharge from hospital, he walks with a frame, uses a stairlift and needs help to do many everyday tasks. He uses a wheelchair for distances more than 50m.

It is clear that Mr Y’s mental health has also suffered. Despite having shown early signs of dementia before his stroke, his cognitive decline was more rapid than would have been expected afterwards. This has meant he has required significantly more care as a result.

Securing care for the future

RWK Goodman were successful in obtaining an admission of full liability from the defendant GP. This has meant that a settlement of over £100,000, calculated according to Mr Y’s expected life expectancy will pay for his care needs going forward.

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