November 18, 2011

‘Old World v New World – Wine Tasting Blog’

Under the vintage nose of Jonathan Pedley Master of Wines, a group of thirsty clients, associates and partners were given expert tuition on how to smell, sup and savour the world’s oldest and perhaps best loved alcoholic beverage.  As the wine flowed so did the superlatives to everyone’s amusement.    Mr Pedley gave his audience top tips on how to distinguish old world wines from their counterparts in the new world before teams were assembled to put their new found knowledge to the test.   After more than two dozen bottles of wine were duly sampled,  teams Sauvignon Blanc (Hamish Pritchard, Caroline Doran, John North, and Graham Stott),  and Riesling (Clare Maberly, Patrick Hart and Deanna Hurst) were hailed joint winners in the New World versus Old World competition.  They each took away with them a bottle of fine wine to celebrate their win and exceptional noses and palates.

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