July 12, 2016

New fundraising requirements have worried some trustees

James Newell, an expert in fundraising finance, had told the Institute of Fundraising about the impact of the new CC20 rules.

He suggested that a growing number of trustees no longer wished to continue in the position because they were worried about the potential punishments for failing to adhere to the stricter new guidelines.

Under the new regime, trustees are required to have direct involvement in a charity’s fundraising strategy and to know why the money the organisation is seeking is required.

Mr Newell said: “Trustees are going to become concerned about this and one of the predictions is that this is going to result in a drop-off in trustees – they’re going to see the role as too arduous, too strenuous and they are not going to be interested.

“All trustees are going to see is responsibility. They will panic, put pressure on fundraising teams and both parties will become unhappy.”

The CC20 guidance was issued by the Charity Commission last month.

In an introduction to the rules, the watchdog said: “As the regulator of charities in England and Wales, the commission expects charities that fundraise to do so in a way which protects their charity’s reputation and encourages public trust and confidence in their charity.

“This includes following the law and recognised standards, protecting charities from undue risk, and showing respect for donors, supporters and the public.”

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