May 6, 2016

Man claiming to be singer-songwriter Prince’s son launches fresh legal battle

The 30-something man, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims that his mother had sexual relations with the performer on several occasions in the 1980s.

Solicitors representing the claimant have confirmed that the man has a very ‘strong case’ – one which has ‘stood out’ against several other claims which have been made since the news was made public that Prince did not leave behind a will stating an heir to his fortune.

The singer reportedly collapsed in an elevator and was pronounced dead on 21 April.

Sources have confirmed that the ‘secret lovechild’ will stay away from current Court proceedings, but will come forward once paternity tests and ‘more research’ has been done.

It is expected to take anywhere between 90-120 days to establish whether the man is indeed the son of the recently deceased performer.

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