September 17, 2015

KS v AT: Cycling Accident in New Forest

The Claimant was cycling through the forest. There were three horses ahead of him. The Claimant slowed and stayed a safe distance behind the horses so that he could call out and ring his bicycle bell to let the riders know he was behind them and that he intended to overtake them on their left hand side. The horses were blocking the entire width of the trail.

The Claimant was approximately 15 feet away from the horses on their left hand side when he cycled past. At this point the Defendant’s horse reared up onto his back legs then returned to a standing position on all fours before kicking out with both hind legs.

The Claimant suffered a large open wound to his right thigh and a three part fracture of his femur. The Claimant succeeded with his claim in negligence and under the Animals Act 1971.

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