September 17, 2015

JR v KM: Road traffic accident

The Claimant was cycling to work along a main road. The Defendant was approaching her in the opposite direction with the intention of turning right into a side road.

As the Claimant cycled past the entrance to the side road, the Defendant turned, and collided with the offside of the Claimant’s bike.

The Claimant suffered a number of orthopaedic injuries, namely; soft tissue neck injury, an acute vertebral end plate fracture at L2, aggravation of her pre-existing injury to L5/S1 disc protrusion, an avulsion of the origin of the posterior cruciate ligament from the posterior aspect of the tibial plateau, soft tissue left knee symptoms and an undisplaced fracture of the left carpal scaphoid. The Claimant also developed psychological symptoms.

The Claimant achieved a settlement of £77,500.

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