June 3, 2016

Increasing number of divorce petition returns highlights importance of legal advice

The news comes after family law body Resolution conducted a survey into divorce petition returns, and found that approximately 40 per cent of all petitions in the UK are returned to senders for correction.

According to Resolution’s study, incorrect and incomplete details, jurisdiction anomalies and mismatches between the cited grounds for a divorce between parties, all ranked highly among the most common reasons divorce petitions were returned.

The news highlights the importance of divorcing couples seeking specialist advice when filing or checking a petition, to avoid any unwanted delays or unnecessary complications during an already difficult time.

Resolution found that failure to enclose the required fee of £550 was the most common reason petitions were returned, with invalidity complications surrounding incorrect and incomplete information not far behind.

Couples are advised to consult the relevant experts for water-tight advice during all aspects of divorce and related disputes.

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