Articles by ‘Kerstin Scheel’

Opinion  |  23:11:23

Induction of labour is a well-established practice in the management of expectant women where delivery is required and there are clear NICE Guidelines (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) in place for medical staff. Hospital…

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Opinion  |  14:07:23

The physical, mental and emotional effects of cerebral palsy on children and their families can be significant. Our specialist birth injury team works with many families whose child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy….

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Opinion  |  27:06:23

Is delivering a baby by caesarean section becoming more difficult? According to the Early Notification Scheme’s most recent report, difficult delivery of the head of the baby during caesarean section is becoming more of a problem.

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Opinion  |  16:02:23

Despite proactive initiatives to curb the prevalence of racism within NHS maternity care, it remains a deep-rooted, systemic problem for women of colour and their babies. Recent reports have cast light on the extensive…

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