October 3, 2016

Is Green the new black?

But with new initiatives coming to the fore, are we now seeing a new momentum of behaviour change in the UK? As reported in The Guardian this summer, our usage of plastic bags in England has plummeted by 85% since the 5p charge for plastic bags was introduced last October. That’s 6 billion plastic bags out of circulation – safer marine life and cleaner communities.

Making small changes to have a large, positive impact on our communities is certainly something we believe in at RWK Goodman. As a business, we recognise our responsibility to behave in an ethical and sustainable way in the areas we operate. Not just for now, but for our future generations. And we take our commitment to do this very seriously.

So what are some of the ways we have been able to put this into action? Electricity consumption accounts for around 70% of our overall carbon footprint. Through regular ‘switch off campaigns’, and measures such as energy saving light bulbs, we are proud to say we have reduced tonnes of CO2 per employee from 1.5 in 2013 to 1.37 in 2015. Introducing real time printing stats and 'Green' desk-side bins in our offices has meant greater awareness and significantly improved behaviours around paper consumption and recycling. We have also been able to encourage our staff to think green about the way they travel to work and make healthier choices during the working day.

The business benefits have been obvious. We have more engaged and productive staff where making and seeing a difference is central to working life. And our reputation for being a responsible and ethical business helps us attract and retain the best people.

We know there is always more we can do. Tools to reduce inter-office travel and carbon offsetting are just some of the things we’ll be exploring in the future. More immediately, next week is Green Week across our offices - we’ll be focussing on fun, small ways to make a big difference.

When we start acting collectively, we can change the way we work: greener, smarter, and better for all.

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