July 19, 2016

Former wife denied tuition fees in divorce battle

The high court judge, Mrs Justice Roberts, deemed the £60,000 a year to cover out-of-school tuition costs unnecessary. She also suggested that their two children should enjoy their teenage years being teenagers.

"I have scrutinised her budget and it does seem to me that, whilst there needs to be some provision for extra tuition, the costs advanced by the applicant are unrealistic in terms of the time available to these children outside their normal school hours," said the judge.

She added: "I did wonder on occasions through the course of her evidence when these two young people had any opportunity simply to enjoy being teenagers.

"I could not see that very much time at all was left in their busy lives for normal healthy socialising with their peers."

In total, their mother requested £150,000 a year in child expenses from her multi-millionaire former husband.

Mrs Justice Roberts said the couple had “very divergent” views on the “wisdom and benefit of hot-housing”.

The father, who already forks out fees for affluent private schools, said the “degree of extra tuition they are already receiving” has no evidential basis, and he should only pay out for extra tuition recommended by the school.

Coming to a decision, Mrs Justice Roberts decided that £70,000 a year in financial support was an “appropriate amount”.

She said: "Over and above that provision, it will be for (their mother) at her election to pay for any further costs of additional tuition out of the child support she receives for the children."

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