July 31, 2016

Ex-girlfriend awarded share of former partner’s home

Gary Sterne, who has worked on shows such as I’m Alan Partridge and EastEnders, has been ordered to pay the £180,000 legal bill and award a £48,675 share of his house to ex-partner Amanda Miller.

Ms Miller had insisted that the £1.1 million home they were living in was joint-property, despite the fact she had not contributed financially.

The Judge ruled that Ms Miller was indeed entitled to a share of the house, and gave her 5.5 per cent of the property’s value.

Ms Miller had told the court that she had moved from America to be with the “person she loved”.

She said: “The intention at the time was that we were partners for life and we were going into this together.

“I trusted the fact that, when we made this agreement, my name would eventually be on the title. I never, ever was made to feel that it was entirely his property, that never, ever was an issue on my mind. I had given up everything for him and our lives together, and this was our property together.

“We intended to make this our family home, have children. I was completely convinced in my head that this home was mine as well as his — it was ours.”

Mr Sterne had ended the relationship in 2011 and fought a protruded legal battle to keep the entirety of his house.

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