July 6, 2016

Don’t fall victim to unregulated advice

Studies conducted by the Legal Services Board (LSB) found that ten to 13 per cent of the family law market is currently serviced by unregulated providers – many of whom operate inadequate online-only services.

19 per cent of those who turned to unregulated providers for family advice told the LSB that they were dissatisfied with the services they received. The LSB cited ‘misleading advertising claims’ and ‘uninformed choices’ as risks for consumers seeking family law services at difficult times.

Law Society Chief, Catherine Dixon, warned: "It is not always clear to consumers whether they are buying from a regulated provider.

“As the LSB research shows, there are a number of unregulated providers supplying the same legal services as solicitors and many buyers simply will not know that they won't get the same level of protection from an unregulated provider if something goes wrong,” she added.

During disheartening and frustrating times, such as divorce, Britons are advised to tread carefully and seek only the very best specialist advice, as there is no substitute for tailored, regulated and protected services.

Ms Dixon said: “If legal services are purchased from a solicitor, buyers can rest assured that the service is fully regulated, that insurance is in place, and that in the event that something goes wrong they have the right to redress.”

Royds’ family law team offer friendly, pragmatic advice. For further information on the services we provide please visit or contact Patrick Hart.

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