June 17, 2016

Divorcee granted ‘gambling-addict’ ex-husband’s remaining assets

The news comes following a five-year divorce battle during which ex-banker Mr Amit Goyal, 39, gambled away a staggering £650,000 on ‘spread betting’.

The “financially reckless” gambler told Courts that fellow employees at UBS and Deutsche Bank would mock him and label him “a wimp” if he refused to increase his bets.

Ankita Ghuman, married Mr Goyal in 2003 – before splitting from her husband in 2011, after the relationship buckled under financial strain.

A Judge was told that the couple went from a £300,000 annual salary and frequent luxury holidays to relying on handouts from the state by the time they separated.

Mr Goyal’s only remaining assets – £19,000 in UBS shares – were granted to Ms Ghuman by Appeals Court Judge.

Mr Justice Cobb ordered Mr Goyal to split his pension with Ms Ghuman post-retirement, and pay his ex-wife £500 a month in maintenance.

The ex-banker has told the press that he intends to appeal the decision at a later date.

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