July 26, 2016

Daughter wins recent inheritance dispute

A woman recently won a £12million legal battle after a Judge concluded that she was the rightful owner of her father’s scrap metal yard.

The death of Fred McGuinness, who established a significant business empire in Staffordshire, caused a bitter divide in the family over the inheritance.

When he passed away in the late 1980s he had elected to leave everything to his wife Edith. And when she died three years ago, she in turn bequeathed almost everything – including the 11-acre yard – to the couple’s daughter Denise.

This caused further tension, with Denise’s older brother, David, arguing that his late father had promised to give shares in the yard to all his children. The 70-year-old argued it would be unfair for his younger sister to receive all of the land.

However, Mr Justice Newey had ruled that whatever Mr McGuinness had told David it was not a promise that could be legally enforced.

The Judge did rule, however, that a vintage lorry, worth £10,000, was the son’s rightful property.

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