April 26, 2015

Damages for pain and discomfort secured for a new mother

Mrs V’s had an epidural during the birth of her first child, and although her records stated very clearly that she was allergic to elastoplast, the hospital staff used it to to secure the epidural. As a result, Mrs V’s back became very red, she quickly developed tiny, but extremely uncomfortable blisters. She was prescribed steroid cream and painkillers, but the blisters eventually became one large blister made the skin very tight. As a result, for the first three weeks of her baby’s life Mrs V was in considerable pain and found it hard to move.

Mrs V contacted our Clinical Negligence team to see whether she could claim any damages as she felt that the hospital was responsible for her pain and discomfort. We felt that taking the case to court was not the best course of action for a new mother. By acting quickly and decisively, we were able to secure a speedy out-of-court settlement of £1,900 for Mrs V.

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