May 17, 2018

Concussion: not just a sporting injury – 5 celebs who have experienced a head injury

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Symptoms of concussion can last for a few days, a few weeks or, in some cases, have longer lasting effects, depending upon the severity of the injury. In severe cases there can be permanent effects and complications which go along with this.

As with any head injury, concussion can carry with it many different symptoms which include:

  • headaches
  • temporary loss of consciousness
  • confusion
  • amnesia surrounding the event
  • dizziness/Feeling dazed
  • ringing in the ears
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • slurred speech
  • delayed response to questions
  • concentration/Memory problems

There are also the hidden symptoms which can present themselves after a concussion and these include:

  • fatigue
  • personality changes and irritability
  • hormonal changes
  • sense of humour changes
  • disinhibition

You can find out more about these hidden symptoms of brain injury here.

5 celebrities who've experienced a concussion

Concussion can affect anyone. For example, there are many famous names who have suffered with concussion to some degree and had to face some of these symptoms:

Lady Gaga

During her “Born This Way” tour, Lady Gaga was hit in the head with a metal machine gun prop by one of her backup dancers. She left the stage but short after came back to finish the concert. It was later tweeted that she was suffering with a concussion injury.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina suffered a mild concussion when shooting the action film “Salt”. She was hit in the front of the head by a light when performing stunts, and began bleeding. She was sent to hospital although returned to filming shortly afterwards.

Jackie Chan

Jackie confirmed in an interview with The Guardian newspaper that he suffered a number of injuries over the years whilst performing his own stunts. These include dislocations to his sternum and pelvis as well as multiple rib injuries. However, in the ladder-fighting scene in “First Strike” Chan suffered a concussion.

Rebel Wilson

Suffered a concussion, when she took a fall whilst on set for her new film “Isn’t it Romantic”. She was taken to a nearby hospital and later posted on Instagram that she had suffered a mild concussion.  She confirmed that she would not be “..doing any crazy stunts for the next few days….”

Justin Bieber

During a 2012 concert in Paris, Justin Bieber walked off stage….into solid glass!

He was reported as saying he felt disorientated afterwards, but he still managed to finish his show. When he reached his room backstage after the show, he passed out and was unconscious for a short period of time. He was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with concussion.

Thousands of people suffer with concussion every year and this includes some famous names. There are also a number of famous cases of brain injury, five of which can be found here.

However, you don’t have to be famous to suffer with a concussion. If you hit your head it is better to be checked by a medical professional, as sometimes the symptoms do not present themselves immediately. Although in the majority of concussion cases symptoms are short-lived, some people are not so lucky.

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