August 28, 2019

Compensation secured for client whose spine was fractured by cows

When she was three quarters of the way across the field, Sarah saw that the cows were advancing towards her from a distance of 50 feet. She stopped and waved her arms to encourage them to retreat, but in a split second a cow attacked her at high speed and she found herself caught between a semicircle of cows and a hedge with nowhere to escape. The lead cow scooped her into the air with its head, injuring her back. Fortunately, with help from her husband and brother, she managed to stagger out of the field.

After the accident, Sarah found she had in fact fractured her L1 vertebra, as well as sustaining rib bruising and bruising to the left side of her face. It was determined by a medical expert that any pain and stiffness that hasn’t relieved two years on from the incident is likely to be permanent. Furthermore, Sarah was assessed and found to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of the attack and required a lengthy period off work.

Sarah brought a claim under the Animals Act and alleging negligence. Liability was admitted, however the defendant raised contributory negligence as a factor in assessing the damages.

Our team managed to secure £47,500 in compensation for Sarah.

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