July 18, 2015

Compensation for kidney stone left untreated for too long

Unfortunately neither the GP nor the hospital followed up on the original diagnosis and by 1993 the stone had moved into the ureter. By then the stone was causing Mr H considerable pain, and after being referred to the hospital attempts were made to push the stone back into the kidney. Unfortunately the attempts were unsuccessful and Mr H further underwent lithotripsy, a procedure which uses shock waved to destroy kidney stones.

Mr H contacted our Clinical Negligence team in 1994 shortly after the stone was successfully shattered by lithotripsy. After the medical records had been examined, a dispute ensued between the GP and the hospital as to who was responsible for failing to recall the patient. If Mr H had been treated in 1991 he would have avoided 12 months of increasing pain and several procedures under anaesthetic to place the nephrostomy tube and stent.

After negotiations the claim settled for £1,500.

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