July 31, 2016

Charity lodges appeal against the decision to remove it from register

Ingham Street Masonic Benevolent Association, based in the North East of England, had not submitted annual returns in either 2013 or 14 and had failed to answer letters sent by the regulator, urging the charity to file the necessary documents.

The lack of any response prompted the Commission to remove the charity – which was set up with the explicit purpose of providing relief for problems such as poverty and sickness – from the register in May last year.

In July, the association lodged an appeal with the charity tribunal against this decision.

A Charity Commission spokesman said: “The appellant has informed us that the charity does operate and wishes to rectify its failure to file documents with the commission.

“We have agreed a stay of the tribunal case while we consider the charity’s application for reinstatement to the register.”

Last week, tribunal judge Alison McKenna put back proceedings until October 28th to allow the Commission time to consider the charity’s application.

It is important that charity trustees understand and comply with their duties to file reports and accounts. This case shows that lack of compliance will draw attention from the Regulator and can result in a charity’s removal from the register.

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