March 30, 2014

Cerebral palsy girl wins lifetime award of £11.4 million

Tracy Norris-Evans represented Jane when she was an 11 year old girl and secured a lump sum compensation payment of £1.96 million and periodical payments (annual payments) of £145,000 a year until aged 21, then £190,000 a year thereafter. In addition Jane will receive £25,200 each year from aged 21 to age 60 to replace her lost earnings.

This was the first ever clinical negligence case to secure periodical payments for future loss of earnings. We were able to advise Jane’s family on finding suppliers such as builders and architects who specialise in adapting houses to disabled needs. The family has bought a specially adapted home with a hydrotherapy pool for Jane which was funded by the award. Tracy Norris Evans has advised Jane’s family on other key decisions such as employing a case manager and organising 1-1 support tuition at school. The value of the award if Jane lives to be 50 years of age will be £11.4 million which will provide for her lifetime needs.

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