March 4, 2016

Celebrities Madonna and Guy Ritchie in London custody battle over 15-year old son

The two stars have been at loggerheads since December 2015, when Rocco refused to return to New York after vising his father in London.

Singer Madonna subsequently filed legal papers against Ritchie in both the US and the UK, effectively accusing the London film maker of kidnapping the teenager by allowing him to stay ‘against her wishes’.

Madonna was originally granted custody of Rocco when the couple first divorced in 2008.

A preliminary hearing was held in London’s High Court yesterday, after the duo were criticised by Justice Deborah Kaplan for failing to reach an ‘amicable resolution’ earlier this week in Manhattan.

"It is highly unfortunate and deeply regrettable as Judge Kaplan said that this family dispute is being dealt with in front of her and in front of me, through the agencies of highly capable lawyers," said Justice MacDonald to London’s High Court yesterday.

"It is hoped further discussions between the parties can reach an amicable settlement."

A further hearing is set for later this month, but Madonna has been strongly urged to withdraw her charges and end proceedings in the UK prior to the agreed date.

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