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Opinion  |  14:09:22

This article originally appeared in An agreement to mobilise the contractor early can be documented in a letter of intent, but beware the pitfalls: In the economic climate of increasing inflation, letters of…

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Opinion  |  05:02:18

We are all well aware by now of the draconian effect of failing to issue a timely payment notice and/or pay less notice, in accordance with the contract, in response to interim payment applications (see for example: Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust v Logan Construction (South East) Limited [2017] EWHC 17 (TCC)). Failure to do so can lead to losing the right to dispute the amount claimed (at least until the next interim payment application or final account).

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Opinion  |  01:03:18

This week (27 February 2018), in a judgment of the Technology and Construction Court, the Honourable Mr Justice Coulson confirmed that a party who fails to issue an effective payment or pay less notice in response to a contractor’s application for interim payment still has the right to seek in adjudication a proper valuation of the works included in the contractor’s application.

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Opinion  |  07:11:18

The Court of Appeal has today handed down its decision on the appeal by Grove Developments Limited against the first instance decision by Coulson J, in which he decided that a party who had failed to issue an effective payment or pay less notice against a contractor’s application for interim payment could refer a dispute as to the true value of the Contractor’s works to adjudication.

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Opinion  |  31:01:19

This week saw Parliament speak out against a No Deal Brexit, the Leader of the Opposition encourage the Government to rule out a No Deal Brexit, and Brussels confirm that a negotiated orderly exit is the preferred option. And yet, despite all this, in the absence of a definite deal, commentators suggest that No Deal is still the default, and most likely, scenario.

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