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It’s easy to dismiss flashing amber lights at the roadside, but your inattention or speed could result in injury or death to someone just trying to do their job.

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After some delay, the Ministry of Justice has launched its consultation for proposals to reduce whiplash claims which currently closes on 6 January 2017. With other restrictions on the horizon for both Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence claimants, access to justice has never been more threatened.

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The combination of alcohol, pedestrians, increased traffic and winter nights around the Christmas and New Year season can be a recipe for a festive nightmare, but pedestrians and drivers should share responsibility for their safety.

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With the cold weather approaching many peoples’ thoughts are turning to planning winter holidays. The choice of destinations, accommodation and method of travel is seemingly unlimited but the way you book your holiday could affect your right to claim for injuries.

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Following a surprisingly warm summer, the UK is now back to the more familiar typically wet weather with a definite autumn chill in the air. Changes between seasons and unsettled weather often catch motorists out.

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The holiday season is upon us and while for most of us this means freedom from work, relaxation and the excitement of new experiences, for some, the occasion will be marred by injury or illness.

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