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Opinion  |  23:03:23

Many people are choosing to write a Will or review their estate planning in the current circumstances. We take a look at the options for bestowing gifts, either to family or others, or to…

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Opinion  |  17:02:21

When dealing with estates when someone dies, we are finding that more and more people are passing away without leaving instructions for their executors or family members to gain access to their online presence. Some assets are also hard to locate.

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Opinion  |  06:10:20

Following his announcement that there would not be an Autumn Budget for 2020 the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, revealed the latest package of Government support. These measures are to support businesses during the restrictions imposed to limit the expected upswing in coronavirus cases.

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post  |  02:07:20

The families of frontline carers are to be exempt from inheritance tax should they die as a result of Covid-19 through the course of their work thanks to an exemption to legislation first created for serving personnel and emergency services.

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Opinion  |  05:07:19

Life used to be so simple. A person would die and their house, bank accounts and shares were all easily identifiable. The house would contain drawers of private letters and photographs, all dealt with by the Executors of the Will. But now, a person dies receiving hardly any hard copy post. Their life is charted in the on-line ether. A whole life is recorded in Facebook check-ins, Instagram images, Tick Tok videos, and banging playlists.

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post  |  16:05:19

For many, owning a home is a result of a life’s hard work which they hope to pass on to loved ones after death. It can come as a shock to realise that their home may need to be sold to fund their care at a care home. Care funding can seem like a complicated area to get to grips with so we explain the key areas in more detail.

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post  |  15:05:19

Organ donation is an emotionally charged topic. On the one hand it is impossible to separate it from the grief and sadness that comes with a person’s death. On the other, it provides a unique opportunity to save someones life, and can allow something positive to exist in its place by giving comfort to those who have lost a loved one.

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post  |  31:01:19

No matter how much your house is worth, most people will have buildings insurance as it’s generally a requirement of most mortgage lenders. But it’s a little known fact that not buying contents insurance for your property is getting some wealthy individuals who employ staff on their properties into hot water.

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