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Fatigue amongst those with brain injury is often misunderstood. Here, Laura Jackson explains the difference between feeling tired and having chronic fatigue as a result of brain injury.

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The very first double hand transplant has taken place at Leeds Royal Infirmary, the UK’s centre for hand transplants. But although breakthroughs in transplant surgery will inevitably change the fortunes of many amputees, this type of pioneering science is not without its complications and its risks.

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Since July 2015, the government has been consulting on plans to close 91 courts and tribunals in England and Wales. The consultation is due to run until 8 October 2015 and its aim is to reduce surplus capacity by closing those courts and tribunals that are considered unused or underused, or that are simply unsuitable for the services needed to be provided from them. Laura Jackson, Chartered Legal Executive in our Personal Injury team, considers the effects these closures would have on legal professionals and the general public alike.

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Dealing with an injury is stressful under any circumstances, and particularly so when you’ve been injured in a violent crime. There is help out there: the Government funds the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), a scheme that allows blameless victims who have been physically or mentally injured in a violent crime to get a financial award. But is it wise to approach the CICA without legal advice? Laura Jackson, Legal Executive in our Personal Injury team, discusses.

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post  |  30:06:14

A head injury may have life-changing consequences, and the quality of treatment and support after the injury can be crucial. Across the UK, the services available to treat and support those who have suffered a brain injury vary enormously, and with specialist units closing across the country, there is a risk that the right rehabilitation pathway may prove inaccessible.

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