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Opinion  |  24:03:23
Six congenital heart conditions parents might need to know about
Joachim Stanley, a specialist in cardiac negligence claims, explains some of the heart conditions that can arise in childhood and answers questions parents might covering.
Opinion  |  13:03:23
What is a cardiac lesion and can it be missed? What you need to know
In clinical negligence litigation, as in everything else, you can see trends emerge over time; history famously doesn’t repeat itself, but it tends to rhyme. Over the past few years, I have noticed a...
Opinion  |  15:12:22
Does an ambulance delay for a heart attack mean medical negligence?
During cardiac arrest speed of treatment is one of the most important factors that can save a person's life. So if there are delays in ambulance and paramedic response does that mean medical negligence has taken place?
Podcast  |  08:12:22
What you need to know about myocardial infarction | Legal Thinking Podcast
Our podcast welcomes Dr Stephen Hoole as he explains what you need to know about myocardial infarction post-COVID.
Opinion  |  24:05:22
Avoidable deaths at St George’s Hospital: the saga continues
Joachim Stanley explains the ongoing saga at St George's Hospital in London, where survival rates for cardiac surgery have fallen below accepted safe standards in the past.
Opinion  |  18:02:22
NHS launches lifesaving campaign to tackle any myths relating to heart attacks
The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to dial 999 should they experience any early signs of a heart attack. The campaign, which is specific to heart attacks, known as ‘Help Us...
Opinion  |  26:07:21
How should a GP help manage high cholesterol or diagnose a heart attack?
Mistreatment of cardiac health issues can cause life-changing damage. Here Divya Anand explains how a GP should manage two key heart-related issues.
Opinion  |  07:07:21
Cardiac care in a pandemic: an unfolding tragedy?
Joachim Stanley from our specialist cardiac negligence team explains the range of issues that coronavirus has caused in cardiac care.
Case Study  |  30:11:20
£120,000 for fatal cardiac negligence claim against University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
The widower of a 66-year-old lady received £120,000 following the death of his wife of congestive cardiac failure, aortic valve stenosis and bicuspid aortic valve and aortic co-arctation.
Case Study  |  12:11:20
Successful fatal claim for delayed treatment of aortic stenosis
A case was brought by the daughter of T – a relatively elderly lady who suffered from aortic stenosis.
Opinion  |  19:02:20
Sudden Cardiac Death in young adults – red flags and prevention
Joachim Stanley takes a look at the issue of Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) in young people, including red flags and how it can be prevented.
Opinion  |  18:02:20
Study reveals more footballers are suffering from heart problems – is it time for more screening?
Every week 12 young people die from sudden cardiac death. Is it time to start screening young adults for potential cardiac issues more often?
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