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Opinion  |  23:11:22
Is cerebral palsy a result of medical malpractice?
Kerstin Scheel explains what causes cerebral palsy and when the condition may be a result of medical negligence.
Case Study  |  13:10:22
The need for dynamic interaction between compensation claims and Islamic compliance
Raising a child with a brain injury can be a huge undertaking for any family, but what happens when even getting some much-needed help might compromise a family’s beliefs? With three sons already, Malik...
Case Study  |  17:05:22
Over £10 million compensation secured for eight-year-old boy with cerebral palsy
RWK Goodman’s Kerstin Scheel and Abigail Ringer have secured a settlement of more than £10 million for a little boy, L, who suffered from a shortage of oxygen at the time of his birth at Worthing Hospital in Sussex.
Opinion  |  07:03:22
How to bring a cerebral palsy claim – what you need to know
If you or your child has suffered a brain injury causing cerebral palsy, the process of making a claim might seem daunting. With this in mind, our specialist cerebral palsy solicitors have broken down what you need to know about claiming for compensation and more.
Opinion  |  02:03:22
Is healthcare inequality reflected in the prevalence of cerebral palsy?
A recent review designed to tackle ethnic health inequality in the NHS has revealed stark disparities in care within maternal and neonatal health. So for cerebral palsy awareness month, Abigail Ringer digs deeper into whether this inequity in healthcare is reflected in the prevalence of cerebral palsy in our communities.
Opinion  |  02:02:22
Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) maternity investigations will now be conducted by a new Special Health Authority (SHA) – what does this mean for patient safety?
Kerstin Scheel explains the latest change in maternity healthcare, with The HSIB's maternity investigations being conducted by a new Special Health Authority (SHA), and what it means for patient safety.
Opinion  |  11:01:22
“Severe brain injury, early neonatal death and intrapartum stillbirth associated with larger babies and shoulder dystocia.” A review of the report from the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB).
The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch is an independent body who investigate circumstances where there has been an adverse event during childbirth and/or pregnancy. HSIB release reports routinely, known as Maternity National Learning reports. These reports make recommendations to improve patient safety.
Opinion  |  04:11:21
“Severe brain injury, early neonatal death and intrapartum stillbirth associated with group B streptococcus infection” A review of the report from the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch
The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) periodically release reports into the risks and resulting issues that face maternity units, pregnant women and newborn babies when in NHS care. These are known as the Maternity National Learning reports.
Opinion  |  06:10:21
Why I’m observing World Cerebral Palsy Day today
Today, like thousands of people across the world, I will be celebrating World Cerebral Palsy Day. World CP day is an opportunity to raise awareness of cerebral palsy; to celebrate the lives of the 17 million people affected by cerebral palsy; and to focus on areas for change that will have a positive impact on their lives.
Opinion  |  13:09:21
10 years of World Sepsis Day – here’s a reminder of what you need to know
Over the last 20 years, there has been a growing recognition that sepsis is one of the most common and potentially life threatening conditions faced by the human race.
Case Study  |  23:04:21
Successful cerebral palsy claim against London hospital: St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
A young boy has been awarded substantial multi-million pound damages following the negligent care afforded to his mother during her pregnancy.
Opinion  |  08:04:21
Jaundice in newborns – how should it be monitored and treated?
Abigail Ringer explains what to look out for if you are concerned about jaundice in newborns, as well as how it should be monitored and treated by medical professionals.
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