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News  |  15:06:23
RWK Goodman Shortlisted for Solicitors Firm of the Year at the Enfranchisement & Right to Manage Awards
RWK Goodman LLP is proud to announce its shortlisting in the prestigious Solicitors Firm of the Year category at the annual Enfranchisement & Right to Manage Awards (ERMAs) 2023. The nomination reflects the firm’s...
Adverse possessions squatters rights
Opinion  |  17:04:23
A guide to squatting and adverse possession claims
Adverse possession, sometimes referred to as squatting, is the occupation of land by a person who is not legally entitled to or authorised to be there.
Green belt land with housing development creeping in on the edges
Opinion  |  09:02:23
Applying for adverse possession over unregistered land – what you need to know
The rules relating to adverse possession over unregistered land can be complicated. Below is a simple and brief summary of the relevant steps one needs to take when applying for adverse possession over unregistered...
Opinion  |  28:01:22
Purplebricks – It’s My Property and I Will Sell It To Who I Want
Was Purplebricks right to delist a property from its website when it discovered the vendors – a Christian couple – were opposed to two gay men buying it? The controversy has raged across newspapers, TV and...
Opinion  |  24:01:22
Assessing rent in lease renewals under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954
The last 18 months have undoubtedly been an unprecedented period of uncertainty for retail tenants. One of the conundrums facing landlord and tenant alike has focused on the question of how rent should be...
Opinion  |  10:06:21
The next SDLT deadline is looming!
From 8 July 2020 reduced rates of SDLT, known as the ‘SDLT Holiday’, were introduced as a means of stimulating the property market during the pandemic. The holiday applies to all residential property transactions, whether taxable at standard rates or at higher rates, as a long as completion occurs within the holiday deadline.
Opinion  |  08:01:21
Leasehold reforms are finally here, but what do they actually mean?
A long-awaited announcement has been made by Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick.
Opinion  |  12:11:20
Capital gains tax reform for landlords and second-home owners?
Rishi Sunak is considering an overhaul to CGT which could lead to those with second homes and buy-to-let properties paying tens of thousands of pounds more in tax when they come to sell.
Opinion  |  21:09:20
What will happen to tenant evictions now that landlord restrictions have been lifted?
Government restrictions on tenant evictions by landlords have now been lifted (on 20 September). But there is unlikely to be an immediate spike in evictions following new eviction protocols and a backlog of cases.
Buy-to-let property
Opinion  |  10:08:20
Landlords: more new changes to affect your possession claims
Jacqui Walton offers a further update on the latest Practice Direction for landlords, coming into effect later this month.
Buy-to-let property
Opinion  |  23:07:20
Landlords: new changes to affect your possession claims
Landlords have been able to make new possession claims during the lockdown but there has been a stay on the Court issuing new and progressing existing proceedings until 23 August 2020. Urgent changes have now been made by the Government dealing with how claims will be managed by the Court. Court Practice Direction 55C has been introduced and comes into force on the 23 August 2020. These temporary provisions will be in effect until 28 March 2021
Simultaneous exchange and completion
Opinion  |  07:05:20
What is a ‘Simultaneous Exchange and Completion?’
Associate Beth Heley in our Residential Property, Farms & Estates looks at the pros and cons of a simultaneous exchange and completion for residential property sales and purchases, as the country awaits guidance on easing the current lockdown measures.
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